event lockers

The Big Locker Hire Co. offers locker hire and rental services to event professionals in the UK.

After working with over 40 events in the last year we have extensive experience of installs.

Ranging from in site festival installs, to large scale installations in distribution centres.

Event locker rentals have really only become popular of the last few years. Audiences in the UK have started to become more security conscious, recently creating a demand for the service.

This is quite unexpected as events on the continent have had a much earlier adoption of this service, audiences tend to expect the service now, rather than it being a value add for security.

After working with a number of security companies and organisers we have found the feedback to be very positive. This also resinates with the audiences, with demand for lockers surpassing our expectations and giving us the confidence to grow.

For info on event lockers for rental simply just get in touch, we will be happy to help.