SILVERSTONE WOODLANDS F1 2019 – 3 Day Powerbank Service


Ensure your weekend is fully charged! Purchase our power bank service and keep your device topped up throughout the weekend. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Purchase the service and collect your power bank from The Big Locker Hire Co locker reception in Lively entertainment area on arrival at Woodlands.
2. Charge your gadgets, each power bank will charge most phones to 100% dependant on usage.
3. Each day you can swap your empty power bank for ONE fully charged one at either the Family Info Point or from our reception in Lively. At the end of the weekend, you can take the power bank home, SIMPLE.

Order total at checkout includes an on-line booking fee of £2.14 per power bank service purchased.

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  • When can I collect my power bank?
    You can collect your first power bank from our reception in the Lively entertainment area opposite the pub:
    Wednesday 12noon – 10pm
    Thursday 8am then 24 hours a day until Sunday 10pm
  • When can I exchange my empty power bank?
    They can be exchanged at the Family Info point between 7am – 10am from Thursday to Sunday.
    Outside of these times, you can visit our reception in the Lively Entertainment area to exchange your empty power bank.
    Power banks can only be exchanged once per day.
  • How much will a power bank charge my device?
    This is dependent on the device and its usage but it should charge most devices to 100% if they are not used as they are being charged. 
  • Do I need to return my power bank at the end of the weekend?
    No. You can keep your power bank and take it home!
  • Do I need any specific cables?
    Each power bank has a standard USB port for you to connect your own charging cable to your phone. We do not supply any cables with your power bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

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